Remanufactured Motors

Jeff Warfield Electric provides a full line of remanufactured motors, and armatures as well as components for all brands of material handling equipment.



Warfield Electric completely remanufactures it’s motors using all new or totally re manufactured parts. All of our re manufactured motors meet or exceed OEM specifications. Contrast this to cosmetic re builders who re-use parts and components and do not adhere to strict quality control procedures.

The re manufacturing process begins with comprehensive testing of the motor to determine probable cause of failure. The motor is then disassembled for cleaning and further testing. All fields and armatures are removed and cleaned in a power washing Mart machine. This one step process removes oil, grease, paint and suspended solids without affecting the integrity of the components. Smaller more fragile components are prepared using a glass bead blaster. Larger end heads and field frames are then put into a steelabrator to complete the cleaning process. Warfield Electric’s re-manufactured motors also include primer painting before assembly and finish painting after assembly to provide corrosion resistance and quality appearance.


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